If your question is not below please do email us or use the Contact Us page. We aim to answer within 24 hours.


Where do I get the m3u playlist url from?

You must subscribe to an IPTV Service Provider to get these details. We do not have any recommendations, please use google or reddit.

I keep getting invalid url

Please double check the login details you have entered are correct. Casae is important when entering the password. A is not the same as a. Sometimes a 0 (zero) looks similar to an O (capital o). The same goes for 1 and l (lowercase L)

Nothing happens when I login

Sometimes the m3u importer will hang. This is very rare. Please close the app completely and try again.

I get 0 channels after logging in

This can be for 2 reasons. 1) You entered the m3u playlist incorrectly. Double check the username and password especially. 2) you entered &type=m3u when setting up the playlist. You need to use type=m3u_plus


The EPG doesn't display

Please make sure you have imported the EPG.

The EPG time is wrong

Timezone offsets are something we are aware of and we are working on a fix for this which will be available as soon as possible.


Are your apps available for Android?

We have no plans for our apps to be available on Android.

Can you customise your apps personally for me ?

Sorry we are unable to offer customised versions of our apps at this time.

How do I contact you?

You can either email us at or you can use the Contact Us page.