Snappy TV

Written from the ground up with simplicity in mind, Snappy TV is a one-stop-solution for watching your Live TV or VOD from your favourite provider.

The latest release is version 4.1.2 and we have a long list of things we would like to add to Snappy TV.


Multiple Playlists
If you have more than 1 IPTV provider, you can setup them all and simply flick through which one you want to use.

Parental Control
Have kids? Need to stop them from accessing the Horror category or the Adult category? Simply add Parental Control to it and a pin will be needed to access.

Search Live , Movies or TV Guide (EPG)
Can't find what you are looking for? Use the advanced search to find that Channel, or Movie or even search the TV Guide to see when that TV Show is next on.

Auto Resume
If you select a movie or tv series episode you have partially watched, watch again to auto resume from that exact position.

Keep a list of your favourite channels in one place, no need to scroll through hundreds of irrelevant channels.

TV Catchup
Missed a tv show? Use the TV Catchup option to quickly browse through an archive of previous aired tv shows.

Hide Unwanted Categories
Have loads of categories you aren't interested in? Hide them forever.

Full TV Guide (EPG) Support
A grid like view of all the channels per category, easily see what's on and coming up.

Fast Forward or Rewind
Very quickly scrub though a movie or tv series episode to the exact place you want to watch from.

Subtitle Support
Using the power of ( it is possible to select subtitles for your language when playing back a Movie or TV episode. Or select an internal subtitle (if available)

Universal Remote Support
Compatible with all universal remotes that work with the Apple TV.

Movie Extras
Watch Trailers, bloopers and featureettes with certain movies.


Easy To Use
All you need is your username, password and hostname:port and you already to go *

Clean Design
No clutter, just a refreshing simple clean design that stands out and is easy to use.

Low Cost
Available for just £2.99 on Apple TV. There are no adverts or premium versions.

User Friendly
No complicated menu's for you to navigate. We know some of you aren't tech savvy, so we wanted to make it as easy as possible to use our apps.

Future Proof
We intend to keep updating simple IPTV regularly but this does not mean complications. We will keep it simple to use.

Technical Support
If you are having issues with Snappy IPTV, we welcome you to contact us and we will do our best to resolve the issue for you.

Apple TV Screenshots


iPad Screenshots


* You need a free-to-air m3u playlist or You need a subscription to an IPTV Service Provider. They will supply you with your m3u Playlist url.