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We are a small team who produce iOS, TVOS and MacOS apps.

We currently have two apps :

• OP IPTV (available for Apple TV)
• Snappy TV (available for Apple TV)

All our apps are available on the Apple App Store




Clean, simple and easy to use IPTV App for paid for M3U Playlists. EPG, Search and more.

Available for Apple TV.

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Snappy TV


Powerful IPTV App to view free-to-air or paid for M3U playlists. TV guide, search, subtitles, auto-resume and more!

Available for Apple TV.

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Snappy IPTV 1.1.0 Released

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We are pleased to announce the release of Snappy IPTV version 1.1.0

This is an exciting new release as it adds a much requested feature. 'Scrub' through a movie or tv series using swipe left and right. Much like fast forward and rewind.

New : Added option to enter an epg url manually (eg, when you use xtreme editor) (Note : do not change this default value unless you know what you are doing)

New : Add a scrub bar to the play media screen so you can fast forward or rewind to a specific place (Note: does not work for live tv because there is no buffer and you can’t fast forward into the future)

New : Adding a favourite has now changed. Long pressing on the live channel name, the movie name or the tv series name to add or remove.

Change : After adding a favourite, there is now a star icon shown

Change : Altered the focus when navigating around so it’s more clear which item is selected

Fix : Fixed the search screen so the search results boxes are consistent design to other screens.

New : When watching a movie or tv series episode, the position is saved if you exit, so when you select the movie/tv series episode again, it will continue where you left off

Add : Show Plot. Cast and Release Date when selecting a movie to view

Change : Altered the side menu bar so it’s cleaner and easier to see when selected

Fix : The time in the top right corner will now update every 30 seconds

Fix : Using short urls now expand properly

Fix : Channels with no logo (and non-HD) will now have a default image, instead of a black oval.